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After a month of discussing, planning … and building. We’re finally happy to announce Gems have arrived!

We’ve added a new link to the menu called shop… which will take you to the new Gem purchasing page.

This is a pretty large departure from what we’ve been talking about of late. Last month’s State of the Tavern there was a large amount of talk about Subscriptions, and Pre-Orders. 

Over the course of the past couple months, we’ve seen a lot of different types of people use Tavern Keeper for all kinds of gaming uses. We love it, but one of the things we realized is that not everything we build is going to be useful for everyone. For core features (the things that are free), that’s not a big deal. However, in our minds… when it comes to paying for things; that’s a huge deal. 

If and when we offer a subscription, we want to make sure that it has a significant value regardless of how you want to use Tavern Keeper. 

While we’ll be detailing our first couple of gem-unlocked features, and how the whole process works during the coming State of the Tavern next Friday, at 9pm EST. 

Gem Sale

Between now and friday’s State of the Tavern, we’ll be giving away up to an additional 25% of your purchased gems, as a thank you for helping us test the new feature. 

Terms of Service Update Coming Soon

Obviously with the addition of Gems and money transactions, there’s going to be some changes to our Terms of Service. We’re still ironing them out, but wanted to give you a few key points;

Credit Cards / PCI Compliance - basically, long story short … our payment processor (Stripe), takes your payment information directly. It never touches our servers, we don’t store it anyway. All interactions between You and Stripe are secured with SSL, as are all your interactions with Tavern Keeper… as well as all interactions with Stripe and Tavern Keeper. 

Refunds - They’re available, you can request them through Email, Private Message, or Bug Bucket. Or any other support mechanism that we use.

Chargeback / Charge Disputes - Obviously, we don’t like them and much prefer to deal with a refund. That said, they do happen… regular chargebacks will gem-lock your account (make it so you can’t get gems).  Additionally, if a charge back drops your account to a negative gem balance your account will be subject to additional limitations. 

Thanks, everyone! Let us if you’ve got any thoughts or idea.

~Bill and Kristi, The Minions