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State of the Tavern, Feb 2014

This Month’s Big Updates

ConTessa 2014: The ConTessa Online Convention by women for everyone, happened early this month. There was a lot of smaller updates / features that made it into Tavern Keeper because of ConTessa. Things like the Waitlist, Next Session Date, Campaign Reminders. While some of the features (like the events page) vanished until the next convention, they’re all still there and we’ll be improving some of the rough spots when we can. We’re happy with the changes that the convention brought to Tavern Keeper.

Hangout App: It arrived a bit closer to the start of ConTessa then we would have liked, but the App seemed to roll out smoothly. While it’s a bit limited in it’s current form in that it can only manage the invitation process for our campaign members. Launching a hangout from the TavernKeeper site will give the GM added flexibility of the moderated hangout tools. Beyond that we’re also looking at bringing more features from the site into the hangout as time goes on.

Gems: We’ve added in our on-site currency, and opened up the ability to purchase them through our shop. In addition to the ability to purchase them, we’re providing up to a 25% bonus to anyone who orders them before midnight tonight. As we’re not going to be implementing subscriptions gems will be used for one time purchases for both Players and GMs.

What you can purchase …

Enhanced Privacy Controls: While we mentioned a while ago that private campaigns were going to be a subscription only feature (back when we planned on using subscriptions).  It is part of a much broader set of controls intended to allow you to finely control your campaigns privacy. The unlock includes:

  • Ability to make your whole campaign private (Hide it from the searching and public lists)
  • Ability to control what tabs show up to non-players (Wiki, Characters, Roleplays, Discussions)
  • Ability to control what Wiki entries, Roleplays, and Discussions show up (Everyone, Players, GMs being your three choices) on an individual level. Entries will inherit Everyone/Players based upon the campaign setting above by default.
  • Note: Campaigns that don’t have any players, and are not looking for players will be in ‘Development’ mode. Which functions similarly to private campaigns today. This will allow you to create and build out a campaign before you invite players.

Co-GM: Co-GM allows another (or as many people as you’d like) to be added as a GM to your campaign.

GM-Character Customization: This will allow you to customize the name and image the ‘Game master’ character. The control is on a post-by-post basis, so you can easily post as whatever you’d like without having to build out an NPC for them.

Inventory Management: Allows you to help keep track of both player and group loot, the details are still light as it’s in the design phase. However, the intention is to help the various loot-heavy games out there seem a little less daunting when it comes tracking who has what, where it is, and what it does.

Other Things Coming Soon …

Roleplay Tagging: The ability to tag characters in a roleplay is going to happen before the inventory management.

Here’s a preview of what that might look like, taken from our original wireframes back before we launched the site:

Privacy Overhaul: Along with Enhanced Privacy Controls, we’re going to be changing how the privacy options function for existing items that have them (Characters, and Wiki) and make sure things are consistent across the old and the new.