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State of the Tavern March/April 2014

Hello everyone! This State of the Tavern comes to you a bit late, and as a text-only update this time. We went a bit silent in March, and we wanted to give you guys a little update as to what happened and where we’re at with the updates we discussed in February.

Where the heck did we go?

In a word, work. If you didn’t know, Tavern Keeper is run by only 2 of us, a hubby/wife team. We moved from CA to NJ this December, and Bill had been full-time on TK as we settled in, and I (Kristi) took on a full time job to pay the bills in January.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, and wasn’t working out very well, and Bill ended up also picking up a full-time job in March.

With both of us working full time, it has become a bit harder for us to crank out features like we were. Additionally, we went at Tavern Keeper full-speed-ahead since last June, which has honestly taken a toll on us, and we were frankly just a bit burnt out and needed a little break from coding all the time!

Status of Updates, What’s next.

So where does that leave TK? Well, right where it is, actually. The truth is TK was started to solve our own problem – a great cross-device-friendly way to RP and collaborate with our gaming groups, and that hasn’t changed.

However, updates will be coming a bit slower, and support will be handled as soon as we’re able, and we ask folks to understand that it’s just 2 of us working on it part time for no profit, and to be patient. :)

Campaign Search

… Is nearly complete, and almost ready to launch. Bill wrapped up the back-end, and I need to plug-in and test the front end, so you should see that soon.

Privacy Controls

Are also nearly finished, this is still being configured on the server-side by Bill (which is most of the work), and will be the next thing to go in.

Crowd-Sourced Character Sheets

I’m working on a tool that will allow anyone to create character sheet forms using a “toolkit” that would require a bit of HTML knowledge but not much else. We’ll be creating our own templating guide and style guide to assist people in creating their own character sheets to be submitted to TK for everyone’s use! This way we can support many systems without folks waiting for us to release them.

There will be a submission process, and a series of guidelines to follow to ensure the look and feel matches that of TK, and ensures forms are cross-device friendly.

Welp, that’s it for now. Thanks all for your patience with us as we settle in to our new life, and deal with being full-time code monkeys for the man while we also slowly build TK. :)

Best, Kristi & Bill