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Tavern Keeper's Updates 9/1 - 10/29

We’re going to start posting our regular site updates to this blog, but before that we wanted to create a recap post of all the updates Tavern Keeper has seen since it’s open beta launch just 2 months ago.

… I can’t believe it’s only been 2 months!

Here they are, in reverse-chronological order:

10/28: Play-By-Post Dice Roller!

You asked for it, you got it! Tavern Keeper now supports dice rolling in roleplays!

You’ll find a “Roll Dice” field below the content area of your roleplay reply. Click the blue button for a guide on how to type your roll.

Dice rolls appear below your roleplay content. You can edit your RP content, but you cannot delete it, nor modify your rolls. No cheating! ;)

10/27: Likes, Calendar Events, New Homepage!

  • Campaign Event Data! We now have the ability to set a “next session” date and time, and game length fields! You can find this in your “manage” or “edit” campaign areas.

You will be able to also add this to a Google or Yahoo calendar, as well as receive an email reminder via Tavern Keeper a approx. 24 hours in advance of your next game.

  • Likes! You can also now “like” any campaign or character:

You will see likes next to each campaign in the list.

Character likes are shown below their avatar.

This is a little something that lets you give props to your fellow gamers for a job well done. We’ll also use this to choose our featured campaigns & characters on our newly re-designed homepage!

In addition to being featured on the homepage, you also receive a title awarded to your account for the recognition!: The Featured!

There’s quite a bit more coming soon on the heels of our partnership with Contessa! Tavern Keeper will be hosting all of Contessa’s events and panels for their next convention in February! We’re so excited to be working with this incredibly talented group of women.

10/13: Permissions Galore, Part Deux!

  • Shared Wiki Editing for Campaigns: You can optionally allow your players to contribute to the Campaign’s wiki. You can find this toggle-able setting in the “Manage” section of your Campaign

Players can:

  • Create a page
  • Edit their own pages
  • Add a page as a child to another page.

GM’s can:

  • Edit anyone’s pages
  • Organize Page hierarchy
  • Turn off shared wiki editing at any time.

Bugfixes to Character Visibility: There were a number of bugs with regards to character visibility permissions. This has gotten cleared up and you should now see:

  • You’ll see more visibility permissions when creating a campaign character, including GM & Me Only, and Group Only.
  • Private and “Me & GM Only” characters now properly show up on the campaign list!
  • Private characters are really private now…. really. (Sorry about that!)
  • Buttons to create a character or add existing on the campaign character list page are now more clear.

Campaign Character List: The hidden eye tooltip on a character will tell you who can see it.

10/12: Permissions Galore!

And apparently the beginning of adding screenshots to updates posts. ;)

  • Private Campaigns! You can now make a campaign private. This will hide it from the Browse Campaigns list, and from view from anyone but your players and yourself. Note: This will be a subscriber-only feature when we are Live. I ask that if you aren’t doing anything you really want to hide (like a naughty campaign or just test data), that you keep the campaigns public so people can see your cool work! But, it’s up to you. :)

  • Promote To GM: You can make any player in your group the GM. This transfers the ownership of the campaign to the player, so use with care! They can always give it back to you, if they’re nice.

  • Change Owner for Characters: You can now transfer ownership of a character to another player in your group. This only works if that character is part of a campaign.

The “Change Owner” button is inside the character edit page.

You’ll be prompted to choose the new owner. Choose wisely! :)

10/6, 10/10, 10/11 Mini Updates


  • Fixed an issue with new characters and their stat sheets. You will have to save a character before editing, but that process is far more intuitive now and you can save & continue editing without leaving the character page
  • When you create a character from a campaign, it redirects you back to the character list when you’re done
  • Spider foods! The website is now SEO friendly. Try linking a character or campaign in Google + to see it in action! Fixed some oddities with links, especially external links.


  • Messages: The link to go to your messages is always now inside the main menu, in the left-most column. You’ll also see a summary of new roleplays and campaign discussions here which (for now) take you back to your dashboard.
  • New Messages will show up on the main menu as before, as well as a button on your dashboard above the right-most column
  • Kickstarter promo! Yes, shameless, shameless promotion so we can build you more cool stuff. :D
  • Foundational changes are being added nearly every day to make the site more stable and less prone to silly little breakages. Not the least of this is tests written whenever we find and fix a bug to prevent it happening in the future!


  • Menus and navigation in general should be easier on mobile devices.

10/4: Real URLs, Open Signups

  • No more hash urls! There are now real URLs that will eventually be Search-Engine Crawl-able as soon as we work out the last remaining kinks. This has a ton of long-term benefits and is a great foundational change!
  • Titles Update: A minor thing, but the title on each page now updates to your location. Jump around the site and then check out your history to see this in action. :)
  • Open Signups: No more Beta queues, though we are still technically in Beta. People can now sign up and gain access right away!
  • Minor bug fixes & server efficiencies not least of which are things reported by you guys. Thank you!

9/29: Huge Update, Characters revamp

Characters: – ONE EDIT BUTTON! Edit everything in one place, finally! – Advanced Permissions – Public, Private, Me & GM, or Group Only – GM/Player notes – Add a note to your GM on your character sheet. Also, GM’s can add their own notes to characters in their campaigns that only they can see! – NPC flag – This shows up everywhere a character is seen, above their avatar. NPC’s have the same permissions as regular characters, the only difference being the “NPC” label.

Campaigns: – Earlier this week: “World” is now “Wiki”, a more easily understood term and more open-ended for content “– About” nav icon changed to a house – what was that other thing anyway? – Players list on dashboard, and the ability to add players is more easily accessible. – You can also add players by username as well as email address. Add/Create Character on the “characters” tab, where it makes more sense – Filtering of character list based on: npc, players, mine, not mine

Global: – Image uploads now go into a queue, no more hanging on a page for a few seconds while your image uploads! – Nicer typography formatting for open content areas (user-created content, mostly) – Text editor toolbar now stickies to the top of your window when you have a huge text area (like this one) :D we now have a Favicon! – Characters are now linked up on a users profile page Fixes to editing, saving, and deleting roleplays – We have a footer!Hooray! – We also have a TOS & Privacy policy. We’re committed to retaining our user’s rights to their own content, and enforcing the enfringment of our game creator’s content!

9/22: Email Notifications, World Content GM goodies

  • Email Notifications! You will now get notified by email any private messages, campaign roleplays, or campaign discussions. You can change these settings in your account settings page.
  • World Content Updates:
    • World content now has a “GM Notes” section for every page, only visible to the GM, ever.
    • A GM can also mark a page as “private” so that they can draft content before the group can see it.
    • Sub & Parent Page links now show up in a side bar on each page for easier navigation.
    • You can now edit, delete, and add a child page from the Table of Contents menu, too.

9/18: Notifications Lite

  • Added a new messages flag to the navbar
  • Added usernames to characters
  • Added a way to message a user on a character detail page inside a campaign

9/15: Private Messaging, Join Requests, User Profile Pages

  • Messages! You can now send a message to specific players. You can access these messages through your dashboard. New messages to you (and updates to messages sent) will show up on your dashboard.
  • Request to Join/Add to Campaign – The first step in connecting people together through campaigns looking for players! You’ll see a “Request to join” button wherever there is a campaign that is looking for players. GM’s, you’ll see a flag above “Manage Campaign” indicating any pending join requests on your campaign. You’ll be able to approve/deny requests from the manage campaign page.
  • User Profiles got a pretty big update as well, you now see a user’s campaigns, characters, and the ability to send them a message. More options and settings will be coming soon on the user page as well.

9/8: Avatars and Browse Campaign List

  • No more Gravatars! You can now upload your own user avatar in your account settings.
  • Campaign Images: Campaigns now have a preview image as well! Especially nice for the next item…
  • Browse Campaigns List: This is a site-wide list with no search capability yet, but let’s you browse the campaigns on the site. This will be evolving over time into a robust way to search for campaigns as we grow!
  • Archive Campaigns: This is a ‘soft delete’. Once archived, a Campaign will be ‘unpinned’ by any player watching it, and will no longer be able to be updated (new discussion posts, roleplays, etc). We’ll be adding more to this soon.
  • Server side stuff: Like more efficient requests and better error handling, so you should see less timeouts.
  • Lots of UI tweaks: Like auto-redirect when logging in, or saving a campaign or character

9/1: Beta Officially Begins!

  • Campaign Manager Tab: GM’s can now remove characters and wield the player BANHAMMAR if necessary

  • For the time being, all campaigns and characters are public. The discussion boards on a campaign are still private. This will persist through the beta.