The Tavern Keeper Blog

10/31 Update - Dice Roll Updates, OOC Comments, Maturity Ratings

Improvements to Dice Roller

Multiple Dice Rolls

You can now roll more than once in a post! Separate rolls with a comma.

Label Dice Rolls

You can label your dice roll to clarify what you are rolling for!

The help text dialog has also been updated with new examples.

OOC Comments Tab within a Roleplay

You can now carry on a sidebar conversation within a roleplay! There is a blue tab called “comments”, which displays the number of comments on the tab. Clicking the tab will slide open a view.

The tab and the slideout view will stick to the page, so no matter how far you scroll down you can access it easily.

Click on the “reply” button to reveal a text area to type your reply, and “close” to close it again when you’re done.

Maturity Ratings

We now have support for Maturity ratings on Campaigns! This will help people find the kind of Roleplay environment they’re looking for. Future updates will leverage this further through filtering/search.

Other Bug Fixes

  • You can now click/touch outside of a dialog to close it.
  • Dialogs are smarter about how they center and resize. (grr!) Hopefully this will help with those situations where the dialog was much taller than your browser, hiding the close button. :(
  • Fixed an issue where if you edited a roleplay right after posting it, it didn’t save.