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Updates 11/5: G+ Integration, Disussions Redesign, UI Enhancements

This week saw a lot of minor changes and fixes to Tavern Keeper. We’re spending a lot of time on some behind-the-scenes work with regards to Campaign events and administrative tools for our partner, ConTessa.

Most notable this week was the addition of Google+ integration and the long-awaited Categories for Site Discussions!

Google+ Integration!

(This was actually added on 11/3)

You can now sign up with, or connect your Google + account. This will earn you the title “+1”!

Adding Google+ integration sets us up to offer some cool features around hangouts down the road. Stay tuned!

Site Discussion Boards revamp

  • Much needed categories have now been added to Site Discussions.
  • We finally got dates to play nice. This was an issue with our date types not playing nice with all browsers.

Campaign Updates

Manage Page – Join Requests are part of the accordion menu and are easier to see.

Campaign Character Details – The character nav now keeps you on the same page – If you have a stat sheet, it defaults to the stats tab. – The “GM/Player Notes” tab now shows up when it should! GM’s can now properly add notes to any character in their campaign. – Clicking on “message player” now auto-fills the user’s name in the TO: field like it should.

Misc fixes and UI enhancements

  • Relative links now properly open in a new tab if you set it to do so.
  • Homepage gets a new first slide to help better explain what the heck we do here. :)
  • “Like” hearts now have a hover tooltip
  • Issues with scrolling after posting finally resolved … I think.
  • Saving a Character no longer jumps you off the page, but instead gives you a success alert.
  • Roleplays are more informative when you do not have a character to RP with, but have posting permissions.