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Kickstarter Count Down!

The Countdown Roundup of Goodies

Just 11 more days to go and nearly 50%! Don’t miss out on the chance to get discounted subs and credits for your favorite systems!

Summary: – A recap of all the systems and sourcebooks we will be releasing with – Backer goodies offered in addition to the original perks – One last chance to get FREE custom portrait art, drawn live ON-AIR!

Here’s a recap of all the systems and sourcebooks we’ll be releasing with to start:

Fate Core Core Dynamic Character Sheet

All of the mechanics of FATE Core, plus a listing of all skills, stunts, and edges in the most recent edition.

FATE Sourcebook Add-Ons

We’ll also be releasing a few sourcebooks along with the Dynamic Character Sheet:

Fate Worlds, Vol 1 & 2

All of the available skills, stunts, and edges will be available to you within the Dynamic Character Sheet when you unlock these sourcebooks for your account!

Savage Worlds Dynamic Character Sheet

All of the mechanics of Savage Worlds baked right into a great looking, mobile-friendly character sheet design! Don’t forget you’ll also be able to track your power points, bennies, and fatigue using our GAME MODE feature!

In addition to the calculations of the Dynamic Sheet, you’ll also have access to all the Edges, Hindrances, Skills, and Powers available in the Core Rulebook (latest edition).

Savage Worlds Sourcebook Add-Ons

Here’s just a few sourcebooks we’ll be starting with right out of the gate:

Deadlands: Reloaded

When you unlock the Deadlands: Reloaded sourcebook for your Account, you’ll gain access to the unique features of this game, including all of the Powers, Skills, Stunts, Edges, Hindrances, etc from the Sourcebook!

Deadlands: Noir

All of the awesome goodness of Deadlands in the 1930’s.


Melior Via’s own Accursed will be launching with our Dynamic Character Sheet engine! This amazing dark fantasy setting is one you won’t want to miss. Tavern Keeper’s Dynamic Character Sheet engine will be the ultimate compliment to this sourcebook based on Savage Worlds.

Additional Goodies

In addition to offering discounted subs and credits to buy all of the great stuff listed above, we’re offering Randomocity subscriptions and limited edition Tavern Keeper “Minion” T-shirts!

Randomocity Subs

  • $25 & up – 1 year Digital PDF subscription!
  • $100 & up – 1 year Digital AND high quality print subscription!

That’s in addition to all of the other backer perks you’ll get at that tier.

Minion T-Shirts

For an additional add-on pledge of $25 you can also get a limited edition Tavern Keeper “Minion” staff T-Shirt! Backers $100 and above will get this as part of their pledge!