The Tavern Keeper Blog

We’re going to start posting our regular site updates to this blog, but before that we wanted to create a recap post of all the updates Tavern Keeper has seen since it’s open beta launch just 2 months ago.

… I can’t believe it’s only been 2 months!

In college, the very last class I needed to graduate was Speech Class. I saved it to the very very very end… I had to take it as a summer cram course because I put it off so late.

I was absolutely petrified of the idea of having to stand up and talk to people. I didn’t want dozens of people looking at me, noticing me, and most of all, disapproving of what I had to say.

I had it really bad in high school. I was the kid everyone made fun of. So I basically had this mental ruleset of: “people by default don’t like me” and “don’t call attention to myself” and “hide behind my art”.

Fast forward 10 years later –